Proteoform Thursday: March 23 – Rafael Melani presents “Exploring Antibody Repertoires Using Immunoglobulin MS”

Proteoform Thursday: Feb. 16 – Anthony Cesnik presents “Driving proteoform systems biology with tools to highlight functional differences within proteoform families”

The Human Proteoform Project Video

The Human Proteoform Project – Your Questions Answered

Proteoform Thursday: Caroline DeHart presents “Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Reveals an Expanded RAS Proteoform Landscape in Malignant Cell Lines”

New Early Career Researchers (ECR) Committee Launched

Proteoform Thursday – October 20 – Prof. Ruben Luo presents “Applying Top-Down Mass Spectrometry to the Clinical Chemistry Lab: Characterization of β2-Transferrin and Identification of Hemoglobin Variants”

Proteoform Thursday – June 23 – Dr. Mowei Zhou presents “Understanding the Heterogeneity of Plant Proteoforms by Top-Down Mass Spectrometry”

Proteoform Thursday – May 19 – Dr. Aaron Bailey presents “Development of a Versatile Denaturing Intact Mass Toolkit for Integrative Protein Structure Characterization”