Proteoform Thursday: Jake Melby presents “Novel Strategies to Address the Challenge of Sensitivity in Top-down Proteomics”

Mar 21, 2024 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Top-down proteomics has proven to be a transformative technology for the characterization of proteoforms; however, several challenges remain for its ubiquitous use in bioanalytical research. In this talk, I plan to outline two projects that directly provide solutions to the challenge of sensitivity in top-down proteomics. First, I will describe a high sensitivity top-down proteomics platform for the analysis of proteoforms from single muscle cells (PNAS 2023). Next, I will describe a method termed “small-scale serial size exclusion chromatography” (s3SEC) coupled to high sensitivity mass spectrometry for the analysis of large proteoforms from as little as 1 mg of cardiac tissue (Anal Chem 2024). I will end my talk with discussion of what needs to be done to enable single cell top-down proteomics akin to the flourishing bottom-up proteomics field.