Assess top-down approaches for antibody characterization

With the continuing growth in the development and adoption of mAbs for a wide range of therapeutic uses, there is increasing demand for higher quality characterization of these complex species.   The Consortium has launched this inter-laboratory study to assess the state of the art for top-down mass spectrometry determination of monoclonal antibody structure and modifications

The participants in this study will utilize several workflows such as top-down and middle-down sequencing, intact mass analysis, and profiling of modifications to elucidate structural details on three monoclonal antibodies: Sigma SILu™ Lite mAb standard, NIST mAb standard, and a commercially available therapeutic mAb. Researchers will be provided the intact species as well as the mAb subunits enzymatically prepared with Genovis’ IdeS/Fabricator® and KGP/GingisKHAN®. The study is being coordinated by Yury Tsybin of Spectroswiss Sarl, Joe Loo of UCLA, and Kristina Srzentic of Northwestern University.

The complete study has now been published and is available at the link below.