Proteoform Thursday: Kellye Cupp-Sutton presents “Development of Top-down Stability Proteomics Technologies for Functional Characterization of Intact Proteoforms”

June 29, 2023  11:00 AM  Eastern Time (US and Canada)

High-throughput top-down proteomics has made major strides in detailed characterization of intact proteoforms in complex biological systems. However, linking proteoform structure to function has been a major challenge for the field.  We have developed a suite of top-down stability proteomics methods including (1) Top-Down Thermal Proteome Profiling (TD-TPP) and (2) Methionine Oxidative Footprinting in Intact Proteins (MOFIP) which use thermal and chemical denaturant gradients, respectively, to probe protein stability. We have applied these methods to examine the effect of post-translational modifications (PTMs) on proteoform stability in complex biological samples to bridge this gap between proteoform structure and function in top-down proteomics.