Proteoform Thursday July 25: Fabio Gomes presents “Native Top-Down Characterization of Proteoforms and their Complexoforms in Breast Cancer Cells”

Top-Down Proteomics Workshop at ASMS2024

Proteoform Thursday April 25: Benqian Wei presents “Internal Fragments in Top-Down and Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry: From Fundamentals to Applications”

Proteoform Thursday: March 21 – Jake Melby presents “Novel Strategies to Address the Challenge of Sensitivity in Top-down Proteomics”

Proteoform Thursday: Feb. 29 – James Fulcher presents “How TopPICR can enhance YOUR quantitative top-down proteomic analyses”

Proteoform Thursday: Sept. 21 – Fanny Caroline Liu presents “Advancing Top-Down Protein Analysis by Tandem-TIMS/MS Approaches”

Proteoform Thursday: June 29 – Kellye Cupp-Sutton presents “Development of Top-down Stability Proteomics Technologies for Functional Characterization of Intact Proteoforms”