In order to better communicate with the various members of the Top-Down community, we have launched the Early Career Researchers (ECR) Committee.  This group will facilitate the exchange of ideas, news, protocols and methods, tips and tricks as well as develop some online and regional events.

The group will communicate largely through the LinkedIn Group they started called the Top-Down Proteomics Discussion Group.  Anyone is welcomed to join, offer suggestions, and ask questions via posts or comments.

The ECR Committee is led by these volunteers:

  • Chair: Mowei Zhou (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Co-Chair: Caroline Dehart (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  • Co-Chairs of Americas: Gloria Sheynkman (University of Virginia), Lissa Anderson (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory), Luca Fornelli (University of Oklahoma)
  • Co-Chairs of Europe and Africa: Frederik Lermyte (Technical University of Darmstadt); Serife Ayaz-Guner (Izmir Institute of Technology); Kyowon Jeong (University of Tuebingen)
  • Co-Chairs of Asia and Oceania: Huilin Li (Sun Yat-sen University), Guanbo Wang (Peking University)