Proteoform Thursday: Caroline DeHart presents “Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Reveals an Expanded RAS Proteoform Landscape in Malignant Cell Lines”

Nov 17, 2022 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The RAS family of GTPases (HRAS, KRAS4A, KRAS4B, NRAS) are among the most commonly mutated oncogenes in human cancer and present a formidable challenge to standard proteomic workflows. Targeted top-down proteomic analysis can provide an entirely new perspective on oncogenic RAS proteoforms, revealing novel post-translational modifications and surprising insights about the nature of RAS-dependent signaling. Caroline will discuss the progress of several ongoing efforts to improve the characterization of endogenous RAS proteoforms within malignant cell lines, with the end goals of better understanding and inhibiting RAS-dependent oncogenesis.