Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics Publishes Standard Notation for Proteoforms

February 8, 2018 — The Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics has published the first standard notation, called ProForma, for writing the sequences of fully characterized proteoforms.  ProForma allows researchers to readily communicate and share proteoform information, and the notation is the unambiguous, human readable, and can easily be parsed and written by bioinformatic tools.  This should help simplify storage and comparisons, and increase the utilization of proteoform information, leading to new discoveries.

  • ProForma: a Standard Proteoform Notation
    Richard D. LeDuc, Veit Schwämmle, Michael R. Shortreed, Anthony J. Cesnik, Stefan K. Solntsev, Jared B. Shaw, Maria J. Martin, Juan A. Vizcaíno, Emanuele Alpi, Paul Danis, Neil L. Kelleher, Lloyd M. Smith, Ying Ge, Jeffrey N. Agar, Julia Chamot-Rooke, Joseph Loo, Ljiljana Paša-Tolić, and Yury O. Tsybin, Journal of Proteome Research, published online February 5, 2018.